Flutter crash after going to version 2

Running “flutter pub get” in dicee-flutter… Process finished with exit code 134
===== CRASH =====
si_signo=Segmentation fault: 11(11), si_code=0, si_addr=0x0
version=2.12.1 (stable) (Wed Mar 10 10:18:47 2021 +0100) on “macos_x64”
pid=1366, thread=4355, isolate_group=(nil)(0x0), isolate=(nil)(0x0)
isolate_instructions=0, vm_instructions=106767a60
pc 0x00007fff8d844c14 fp 0x0000700000305f50 __dynamic_cast+0x25
pc 0x00007fff96f68f2b fp 0x0000700000305f60 Security::KeychainCore::Certificate::required(OpaqueSecCertificateRef*)+0x2b
pc 0x00007fff970c4cb7 fp 0x0000700000305fa0 Security::CFToVector<Security::CssmData, OpaqueSecCertificateRef*, &(cfCertificateData(OpaqueSecCertificateRef*))>::CFToVector(__CFArray const*)+0x8d
pc 0x00007fff96f92753 fp 0x0000700000306230 Security::KeychainCore::Trust::evaluate(bool)+0x1b5
pc 0x00007fff96f9240b fp 0x0000700000306290 SecTrustEvaluate+0x29
pc 0x000000010675ddf9 fp 0x0000700000306380 dart::bin::TrustEvaluateHandler(long long, _Dart_CObject*)+0xb9
pc 0x0000000106970abf fp 0x0000700000306cf0 dart::NativeMessageHandler::HandleMessage(std::__1::unique_ptr<dart::Message, std::__1::default_deletedart::Message >)+0xbf
pc 0x000000010696dd13 fp 0x0000700000306d70 dart::MessageHandler::HandleMessages(dart::MonitorLocker*, bool, bool)+0x133
pc 0x000000010696e324 fp 0x0000700000306dd0 dart::MessageHandler::TaskCallback()+0x1e4
pc 0x0000000106aa0858 fp 0x0000700000306e60 dart::ThreadPool::WorkerLoop(dart::ThreadPool::Worker*)+0x158
pc 0x0000000106aa0b1f fp 0x0000700000306e90 dart::ThreadPool::Worker::Main(unsigned long)+0x6f
pc 0x0000000106a051a5 fp 0x0000700000306ef0 dart::ThreadStart(void*)+0xb5
pc 0x00007fff8d94399d fp 0x0000700000306f10 _pthread_body+0x83
pc 0x00007fff8d94391a fp 0x0000700000306f50 _pthread_body+0x0
pc 0x00007fff8d941351 fp 0x0000700000306f78 thread_start+0xd
— End of DumpStackTrace
/Users/SGI/InstalledFlutterOnMac/flutter/bin/internal/shared.sh: line 224: 1366 Abort trap: 6 “$DART” –disable-dart-dev –packages=”$FLUTTER_TOOLS_DIR/.packages” $FLUTTER_TOOL_ARGS “$SNAPSHOT_PATH” “$@”

Above is error in android studio on pub get….

Executed Flutter Doctor -v Response:

[✓] Flutter (Channel stable, 2.0.2, on Mac OS X 10.11.6 15G22010 darwin-x64,
locale en)
• Flutter version 2.0.2 at /Users/SGI/InstalledFlutterOnMac/flutter
• Framework revision 8962f6d (3 days ago), 2021-03-11 13:22:20 -0800
• Engine revision 5d8bf811b3
• Dart version 2.12.1

[✓] Android toolchain – develop for Android devices (Android SDK version 30.0.3)
• Android SDK at /Users/SGI/Library/Android/sdk
• Platform android-30, build-tools 30.0.3
• Java binary at: /Applications/Android
• Java version OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build
• All Android licenses accepted.

[!] Xcode – develop for iOS and macOS
✗ Xcode installation is incomplete; a full installation is necessary for iOS
Download at: https://developer.apple.com/xcode/download/
Or install Xcode via the App Store.
Once installed, run:
sudo xcode-select –switch /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer
sudo xcodebuild -runFirstLaunch
! CocoaPods 1.1.1 out of date (1.10.0 is recommended).
CocoaPods is used to retrieve the iOS and macOS platform side’s plugin
code that responds to your plugin usage on the Dart side.
Without CocoaPods, plugins will not work on iOS or macOS.
For more info, see https://flutter.dev/platform-plugins
To upgrade see
https://guides.cocoapods.org/using/getting-started.html#installation for

[✓] Chrome – develop for the web
• Chrome at /Applications/Google Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google Chrome

[✓] Android Studio (version 4.1)
• Android Studio at /Applications/Android Studio.app/Contents
• Flutter plugin can be installed from:
🔨 https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/9212-flutter
• Dart plugin can be installed from:
🔨 https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/6351-dart
• Java version OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build

[✓] Connected device (1 available)
• Chrome (web) • chrome • web-javascript • Google Chrome 89.0.4389.82

! Doctor found issues in 1 category.

1 possible answer(s) on “Flutter crash after going to version 2

  1. @DhrumilShah11 I’ve checked out from git branch dev.
    flutter doctor says:

    Flutter (Channel unknown, 2.1.0-12.1.pre, on Mac OS X 10.11.6 15G20015 darwin-x64, locale it)
    Framework revision 8264cb3 (6 days ago), 2021-03-10 12:37:57 -0800
    Engine revision 711ab3fda0
    Dart version 2.13.0 (build 2.13.0-116.0.dev)

    You mean dev channel of version 2 flutter working smoothly without any problem? and what about your stable channel? is it working too? within your mentioned mac os x 10.11.6

    @Anas-jed yes, dev channel points to flutter v2.

    I downloaded Flutter from Git project, then I run git checkout origin/dev.
    Remove, if exists, folder bin/cache so Flutter can download also new version of Dart.
    Then launching flutter doctor will download new (patched) version of Dart and work perfectly on Mac OS X 10.11.6.

    Just tried stable channel but don’t work. Always showing Segmentation fault error launching flutter doctor.

    If you all need tests on “older” Mac OS X, I’m available.