Fixed width label, horizontal bar chart

I am wondering if chart.js supports fixed width labels in the graph, something like this in google charts

As you can see the labels scales at a fixed space, while the graph has the remaining space. I am encountering this issue while listing 4 graphs together in a column, and they’re not aligned properly, with the labels taking the graph space.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Fixed width label, horizontal bar chart

  1. I think this is a request to have the vertical axis have a fixed width.

    There is a way to do this

    options: {
      scales: {
        yAxes: [{
          afterFit: function(scaleInstance) {
            scaleInstance.width = 100; // sets the width to 100px
  2. Hi @etimberg . I used your code and it seemed to work. But still it is not the cleanest solution. It sets the width to 100px. I wish to set max width as 100px.

    And one more trouble is that if the label crosses the width limit then the label cuts out. For example, my label is ‘1500000000000’. I set my width to 50px. If the width is exceeded, my label shows like ‘00000000’. ‘15000’ from my label is truncated.


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