Firestore realtime query stops working after few updates

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Yes, I am.

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  • Android Studio version: Android Studio v 4.0.1
  • Firebase Component: Firestore
  • Component version: 21.6.0

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Describe the problem

After i updated all firebase libs to the latest stable versions, and implemented the firebase-crashlytics lib instead of the fabric crashlytics, Firestore queries started to not work as usual/expected, i tried both single read/write queries, and realtime queries, they both have issues.

Steps to reproduce:

  • If i start a realtime query (snapshot listener) on a single document, and that document contains few fields, everything works fine, each time the document is updated, the onEvent method will work. see below screen recording GIF:


  • Now, if i try to make a realtime query on a single document that contains much more fields, the onEvent method will either never be triggered (even once), or it could get triggered few times, then stops. see below screen recording GIF :


  • Finally, i even tried write queries, where i am updating a single field in a document, it may work for several tries, then it stops sending updates to the document.

Relevant Code:

I created a sample Android project with minimum possible code to reproduce the problem (the project may appear to be bigger than minimal code, but believe me it is)
I put the sample project inside of a public github repository where i explained everything in the readme file :
repository from here

I trust you all Firebase team, please make this work perfect as before.

My sincere greetings.

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