Feature Request: Viewing Only Computation Graph in Tensorboard

For study and debug purposes it could be very useful to view computation network graph in tensor flow, without having to dump any histogram/learning data.

@dsmilkov , I learnt from @danmane , that such a feature already exists for debug purposes in tensor flow, not yet available for users. What do think about possibility of making it accessible to users.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Feature Request: Viewing Only Computation Graph in Tensorboard

  1. One way we could do this is to host a static graph visualizer on tensorflow.org/tensorboard/graph-visualizer (or similar) and by navigating to that url, you could upload a pbtxt file from your computer and visualize it.

    I imagine though that you would probably like a cleaner workflow so you don’t need to move these pbtxt files around yourself. What should the API look like? Maybe something like:

    tensorboard.visualize_graph(graph) <- this will launch a TensorBoard server that visualizes your graph?

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