[Feature Request]: remote property dosn’t exit in require(‘electron’)

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Problem Description

i can’t found remote property in require(‘electron’), here is my electron property list:

clipboard: [Getter],
  shell: [Getter],
  app: [Getter],
  autoUpdater: [Getter],
  BaseWindow: [Getter],
  BrowserView: [Getter],
  BrowserWindow: [Getter],
  contentTracing: [Getter],
  crashReporter: [Getter],
  dialog: [Getter],
  globalShortcut: [Getter],
  ipcMain: [Getter],
  inAppPurchase: [Getter],
  Menu: [Getter],
  MenuItem: [Getter],
  MessageChannelMain: [Getter],
  nativeImage: [Getter],
  nativeTheme: [Getter],
  net: [Getter],
  netLog: [Getter],
  Notification: [Getter],
  powerMonitor: [Getter],
  powerSaveBlocker: [Getter],
  protocol: [Getter],
  screen: [Getter],
  session: [Getter],
  systemPreferences: [Getter],
  TouchBar: [Getter],
  Tray: [Getter],
  View: [Getter],
  webContents: [Getter],
  WebContentsView: [Getter],
  desktopCapturer: [Getter],
  ImageView: [Getter]

my electron version is electron@11.2.0, can somebody help? or just not update the document yet?

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