[feature request] configurable handedness (direction of rotation)

Description of the problem

It’d be nice to configure the default direction of rotation (handedness) in Three.js.

Maybe it can be a static property on Object3D or Matrix4?

For example:

Object3D.HANDEDNESS_X = 'left'
Object3D.HANDEDNESS_Y = 'right'
Object3D.HANDEDNESS_Z = 'left'

or maybe on an instance-per-instance basis? F.e.:

Object3D.handednessX = 'left'
Object3D.handednessY = 'right'
Object3D.handednessZ = 'left'

I think perhaps on an object-per-object would be nicer and more flexible.

Ah, but if it is on an object-per-object basis, then we have access to the matrix, so it would be cleaner for it to be an instance variable on Matrix4:

Object3D.matrix.handednessX = 'left'
Object3D.matrix.handednessY = 'right'
Object3D.matrix.handednessZ = 'left'
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Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “[feature request] configurable handedness (direction of rotation)

  1. I think such a feature will make the math classes ~9 times more complicated…

    In 7 years we were not able to export from Blender with the right handedness. And that was a case of single handedness to single handedness. In short, handedness is complicated.

    Feel free to give it a go, but I suspect the complexity this brings would scare contributors.

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