Feature: optional wrapping of text inside list items

Occasionally it is desirable to have list items with long text labels wrap. For example:

screenshot 2014-01-31 09 55 23

(The text indentation and icon floating to the left are a separate feature of my own, not included here)

To accomplish this I created some custom CSS in my app, but I figure it would be a good feature to add to the framework, considering how generally reusable it could be.

I added this CSS to my app:

.wrapping-list .item-content, .wrapping-list .item {
    overflow: initial;
    white-space: initial;

And then declare the list with the wrapping-list class:

<list class="wrapping-list"></list>

If it’s something you’d be willing to accept, I could send a pull request with these additions.

3 thoughts on “Feature: optional wrapping of text inside list items

  1. Indeed, that’s it! Thanks. I’ve added class="item-text-wrap" to my items and it works as expected.

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