[FEATURE] Gantt Charts

With the inclusion of Moment.js, it feels odd not to have even the bare bones such a time-oriented chart available. Horizontal bars don’t quite do the job, even with a Moment.js-based time axis.

I realize this is a rather large feature request.

Expected Behavior

  • Gantt should be an available choice for chart type under the config.
  • Each dataset would represent a row in the Gantt chart.
  • Datasets would contain the Moment ranges that are being displayed.
  • Background/border color lists would determine each section of the row in the chart that is filled in.

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “[FEATURE] Gantt Charts

  1. My use case is an overview of job executions of last 24 hours. With some additional coding I could solve my main problems. But solution still smells. Here is a simple sample https://jsfiddle.net/Lq3aptph/.

    • Multiple bars are possible. But this requires two additional datasets per bar. In summary there must exist 2 times maximum of bars per row (job in my case).
    • Tooltip problem with filtering requires also a custom tooltip with adjustment of some styles.

    gantt in chart js


    • Scalability is bad for increasing horizont (from last 24 Hours to 30 days f.e.)
    • Colorizing bars with some information (f.e. success=green, failed=red) is very hard and requires much more datasets.
    • Label information of overlapped jobs (started out of horizont) could not be displayed correctly. Therefore only jobs started in horizont could be displayed now.

    Further considerations could be to use a scatter chart instead. But my first tries were not sufficient.

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