[FEATURE] Better Documentation / Wiki Detailing Option Parameters and Properties

The documentation provided on the Chart.js website is incomplete and lacking. Is there a page anywhere where each object and property that Chart.js supports is documented with possible values?

Kendo does a much better job of documenting their chart properties, objects, and functionality. See here:


Is there any documentation that currently exists that breaks down each method, property (including which values it supports), which data formats are supported, etc?

Expected Behavior

Documentation that breaks down every single option and possible value available to developers.

Current Behavior

Searching the documentation usually results in limited examples with little to no explanation or break down of possible values.

Possible Solution

Build a page similar to Kendo’s (linked above)


When trying to render a specific chart, I usually have to search Google to see if someone has an example, and usually, these examples don’t meet my needs. Unfortunately, the current documentation doesn’t seem to explain much.


Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “[FEATURE] Better Documentation / Wiki Detailing Option Parameters and Properties

  1. I never said it sucked, but I cannot find ALL of the options that ChartJS supports. The documentation is very difficult to use, is nested in multiple pages and sections which do NOT list all supported data formats, available properties, support values, and more.

    Again, I believe Telerik’s documentation is a fine example of what developers are looking for when using any library.

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