FBX Loader: Displaced Animation Playback

Hello, im pretty new to three.js but getting into it was pretty easy with the quite extensive collection of examples.
Though i encountered a for me game breaking “bug”(In Quotes because it could be related to a wrongly exported file).

I am using the FBX Example to display a FBX Model with a animation. But the animation is been displayed completely wrong.
After i noticed that, i loaded the in the example provided “Dancing Samba”, this model worked without any issues.

So the issue has to be related with the (from Maya 2018) exported file.
I noticed that the “FBX binary version” of the example model is 7400 and my file was 7500, i then exported the file again with the 2014 fbx version, the displayed version changed to 7400, the bug is still there though.

I included both the 7500 and 7400 version of the file and a short mp4 video showing the working state first and then the non working, in the zip.
Implementation Code

Browser: Chrome 68.0.3440.106
Three.js Version: (npm, bundled with webpack and babel): three-full 11.0.1
System: I7 8700K, GTX 1060

Yann HN(Liz3)

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “FBX Loader: Displaced Animation Playback

  1. Thanks for the thorough bug report. I suspect it’s because the way transforms are implemented in Maya are quite different than in 3DS Max, and I’ve been concentrating on that while creating the animation system. I’ll have to look into this a bit more and see if I can update the code to better support Maya transforms.

    Can you try exporting with the “bake animations” setting turned on and see if it works better with that?

    In the meantime as a workaround you could also try converting to glTF format using FBX2glTF. It’s a command tool, and there are prebuilt binaries here

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