FBX animation not working

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Description of the problem


I’ve been stuck with this file for weeks now, the new FBXLoader updates solved the skeleton parsing exceptions but the animation still doesnt play.

The relevant code:

            var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();
            loader.load('images/xsi_man_skinning.fbx', function (object) {
                mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer(object);

And the animate method:

  function animate() {
            if (mixers.length > 0) {
                 for (var i = 0; i < mixers.length; i++) {

The interesting thing is that this code works perfectly with the webgl_loader_fbx model, xsi_man_skinning.

Also could you add some guidelines or documentation for 3D animators? Since I’m programmer I don’t always understand Maya or Blender specific problems and I can’t tell my animator what is he doing wrong and how should he do it instead.

Thanks for all the updates guys, you’re doing a really awesome work!

Three.js version
  • Dev
  • r84
  • All of them
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • All of them
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • IOS
Hardware Requirements (graphics card, VR Device, …)

Author: Fantashit

3 thoughts on “FBX animation not working

  1. In case you get a “cannot read property of undefined” exception

    @DieAlchemistenAG I have a PR ready that fixes this bug. Will submit once a couple of other PRs are merged to prevent conflicts.

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