failure to load multiple keyboard instances in vuejs

I forked your multiple input example to highlight something that I am experiences in a large application that has many components. It seems like the keyboard will only load with a single instance running on any one view. So, if I have multiple components that have different things going on in the view and want to have a keyboard for each one. It seems to not render the keyboards. Have you seen this before?

You can see this fork as a fast example to highlight. If you open the modal that has it’s own simple keyboard component it does not render. Modals live web components are good examples where you might want to be able to load their own instance of a keyboard to allow for different teams to own their whole view and control for each input, etc.

Thoughts? Also, It is not easy to maintain code, and you do a fabulous job staying on top of issues and assisting others when their questions.

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