error:’output.filename’ is required, either in config file or as –output-filename”

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1.config webpack like this:
image webpack got an error like above
What is the expected behavior?
no error thrown
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Author: Fantashit

4 thoughts on “error:’output.filename’ is required, either in config file or as –output-filename”

  1. I don’t know why, but it suddenly just appeared to be working. It’s a kind of magic I suppose. Or, maybe the reason is that I forgot to save something and then did it unconsciously. A big loss in solving the problem..

  2. I had by mistake pasted two module.exports object in the webpack.config.js, which was giving me this error.

    Removing extra module.exports object fixed the issue

  3. I find the same error and I resolved it but still confuse why its work

    module.exports.config = {

    gives error

    var config = {

    module.exports = config;


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