error is undefinied from OnError($event)

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Hello, I don’t know if this behavior is normal but I’m having trouble getting details of an (intentional) error
here is my PDF viewer in HTML

  style="display: block;"

and here is the onError function in the .TS

onError(errorPDF: any){console.log(errorPDF)}

the url of the pdf request returns a 404 error (as intended in my EXPRESS api )

res.status(404).send({ error: 'Not Found' });

In the chrome console i only get an ‘undefined’ for the ‘console.log (error PDF)’
Is it normal? Is there a way to get the code error thanks to the ‘OnError’ function?


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  1. Found it. The error message is a victim of minification. If you’re using the non-minified version of the pdf.worker.js, the error object has a sensible value. In my case, I’ve added this line to the app.module.ts:

    (window as any).pdfWorkerSrc = '';