7 thoughts on “Error creating WebGL context

  1. @JamesMilnerUK Same issue here, loaded a lot of collada models, froze the browser until it crashed and now I can no longer get a WebGL context. Closing/reopening Chrome didn’t fix it. Were you able to find a resolution?

    Edit: Found a fix — had to uncheck hardware acceleration, restart, recheck it and restart again

  2. Turning on “use hardware acceleration where available” in chrome’s advanced settings fixed my problem

  3. @mrdoob No, the Intel HD 4000’s not blacklisted.

    Need the contents of about:gpu (plaintext is preferred, just copy/paste) to diagnose issues like this.

    If the card is blacklisted then the reason why will be described on that page.

    These two files describe which GPUs are blacklisted and which have driver bug workarounds applied.



    Note though that a refactoring is underway so these two files will likely be replaced by .json files in the same directory in the next week or two. See http://crbug.com/691703 .

  4. I have the same error…
    It seems as Intel HD 2000 is blacklisted in Chrome 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit), Ubuntu 14.04
    I set chrome://flags/ –ignore-gpu-blacklist ; and it works fine.

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