Ensure webpack meets NodeJS ESM Spec (Or prepare for it).

After a discussion I discovered, @ljharb had expressed some troublesome concerns about webpack 2. Whether they are valid yet or not I haven’t confirmed based on spec (cc @Kovensky), but I think we should work together with any TC-39’rs on the node side if there are descrepencies we are missing. In the end we aim to be as close to spec as possible.

Author: Fantashit

4 thoughts on “Ensure webpack meets NodeJS ESM Spec (Or prepare for it).

  1. It’s worth noting that there have been recent changes which are not yet written up in an EP (which conflict with what you posted); an updated one will hopefully be posted this month.

    These things move too fast to be able to implement software based on it and expect it will stay correct for long.

  2. maybe it would be prudent to place a warning somewhere in the documentation that the behavior of import { foo } from 'common-js-module' may change at some future date so at least people won’t be caught off guard

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