Editor: Contextual help for classic block (after editor deprecation)

As a user with a preference set for the WordPress.com/Calypso editor,
I want to use the classic block to edit my content
So that I can use an editor that is more familiar to me.


Given a user who

  • Is in the editor deprecation group (currentUser.inEditorDeprecationGroup)
  • Has an editor preference of classic for the site they are currently editing
  • Is creating a new post for the first time after the editor deprecation


  1. Automatically insert a classic block into the post that is being created.
  2. Show a custom welcome guide that introduces the classic block and instructs how to insert it in the future.
  3. If the block editor Welcome Guide would normally show, hide it and show the classic block modal instead. Toggle the welcome guide off, so it isn’t shown the next time the user loads the editor.

Design TBD


This will load in the iframed block editor in WordPress.com only, so code will live in the wpcom-block-editor Calypso app.

1 thought on “Editor: Contextual help for classic block (after editor deprecation)

  1. @olesyabrk That looks great for #43626 and updating the “Convert to Blocks” action, but we’re describing something a little different in this issue: helping orient users who previously preferred the WP.com/Calypso editor to using the Classic block when starting a new post.

    @davemart-in ‘s previous designs from pb5gDS-BC-p2#comment-1617 need to align with the Core welcome guide, and we’ve been dissuaded from using the tooltip below the block inserter in the second step because similar implementations have been hard to support and frequently break–so we need to keep everything contained in the modal/welcome guide format.

    Does that make sense?

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