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  1. I had the same problem in my Angular application using ng-bootstrap (v2.0.0). The IE11 is freezing when dropdown open is triggered or when mouse hover on popovers.

    I tried the official demo site and everything was working fine. I created a small minimal Angular application with all my third-party dependencies. Everything was working fine.

    Finally I realised that we use some custom “polyfills” for IE11 (see polyfills.ts in your Angular app).
    We use the intersection-observer package (link) which causes the described problems in IE11.

    @cmckni3 This might help you investigating your problems.

    Performance issues in IE11 and IntersectionObserver are fixed by deactivate the mutation observer according to IntersectionObserver Polyfill docs:

    IntersectionObserver.prototype['USE_MUTATION_OBSERVER'] = false;