My drawing of Fubuki “Hellish Blizzard” in One Punch Man on Autodesk Sketchbook


This is the second video of my drawing. It was like the previous one. I felt so exhausted that I could not continue finishing the work. For me, the result is okay for now.

While recording the video, my laptop suddenly froze so the beginning part of the drawing process was missing in the video. Anyway, Fubuki is one of my favorite characters in One Punch Man (OPM) as she is beautiful/sexy and a perfect fit for Saitama – the main character in the manga/anime OPM. Therefore, drawing her was quite motivated.

FYI, the drawing was done using a Wacom Intuos drawing pad and Autodesk Sketchbook Software. Hope you enjoy the video. If you like it, please subscribe to my channel for more coming stuff

Thank you very good, hehe.

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