Doughnut Chart in Safari: Color only appears on hover

In Safari (desktop 9.1.1, but reproduced on iOS 9), my doughnut charts are dark gray initially, showing their segment color only on hover. Using Chart.js 2.1.6 (2.1.4 has the issue as well…which is why I attempted an upgrade).

Safari: No hover

Safari: Hover over minority label

On Chrome & Firefox, there is no issue at all, and the chart renders perfectly.

Any clue why? Being a object, it is unclear how to debug the hover state.

One more peculiarity on Safari: when I hover over the majority label, the entire pie is colored, whereas hovering over the minority category (orange above) is as expected.

In Safari, the legend is never colored, regardless of hover.

Here is the config for the Chart.

  "labels": [
    ">30 Days or Not Readmitted",
    "<= 30 Days"
  "datasets": [
      "data": [
      "backgroundColor": [
          "r": 31,
          "g": 119,
          "b": 180,
          "alpha": 0.7
          "r": 255,
          "g": 127,
          "b": 14,
          "alpha": 0.7

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