Donations for THREEjs Development?

I work at a company where we make use of a lot of open source libraries and tools and where possible, we try to make a donation to their further development whenever we use them in our projects just as a way to materially contribute to the projects we love and need.

I was scanning around trying to find a way to put money in the pockets of THREEjs, but couldn’t find anything. Is there a way to donate funds? or is that antithetical to the THREEjs project? I can see how there would be issues with how to share with everyone who contributes, but there are some fixed costs like hosting, etc that could be payed with donations.

Thanks for all the great work!

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6 thoughts on “Donations for THREEjs Development?

  1. I always thought that threejs was created by some huge hardware corporation, and they designed it to be slow on purpose just to keep selling faster CPU/GPU from time to time 😀

  2. For that particular PR, I remember finding the way the transforms were being sent to the shader a bit over complicated. I asked if there was a better way and I was told there wasn’t so I decided to study the subject to double-check. I reported my findings and left the rest of the PR for another time (as WebVR is a bigger problem to solve right now).

    If PRs are simple and beautiful they get merged straight away. If PRs remove more code than it adds, they get merged straight away. If PRs require review, feedback and/or I need to study the subject then they get delayed.

    I understand I’m the bottle neck, but having to justify over and over why PRs don’t get merged straight away doesn’t really help the cause. I could have used the time it took me to write this post to review (and maybe merge) a PR.

  3. At the beginning I was writing it like a joke but now that I think about it, it not that crazy yep 🙂 I just hope it won’t end with plenty of random LGTM everywhere hehe
    Another way to move old PRs could be to have a PR of the week/month, chosen by the community and encourage people to comment on it, test it, to try to get it done more efficiently.

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