Documentation of Skinned Meshes is unclear

Description of the problem

In the documentation for Skinned Meshes it references “Imaginary functions” which aren’t defined anywhere. So copying/pasting the code doesn’t work.

Can we have the documentation updated so that calculateSkinIndex and calculateSkinWeight are defined or if they come from a plugin have that mentioned and maybe have a script tag referencing it or something.

I’d just like for this documentation to work out of the box so I can plug in the example into my code and have that basic thing work so I can build off of it.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Documentation of Skinned Meshes is unclear

  1. And, btw,

    I don’t go to the docs to solve a puzzle

    That’s exactly what we do. We have a puzzle to solve and we come to the docs looking for clues. Not for solution – that part is the actual job we ourselves do.

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