Documentation: Differences from `NavigationExperimental`

First of all, congrats on the release. Everything looks great and is overall well documented.

One thing I think is missing are documented reasons why this would be a better option than using the built-in NavigationExperimental library that is actively being developed on the react-native side.

For example, my team is using NavigationExperiemental on the react-native side and react-router on the web side. Is the primary gain by using this new react-navigation library that you can share all navigation logic between both?

I’d be happy to issue a PR documenting this if I just had a better understanding. Thanks for your time.

1 thought on “Documentation: Differences from `NavigationExperimental`

  1. This builds upon the NavigationExperimental library. Most of the components from NavigationExperimental are reused with little changes. NavigationExperimental will be deprecated and React Navigation will replace it. It’s a lot easier to use than NavigationExperimental which needs a lot of boilerplate, and has a lot more navigators like drawer and tabs rather than just stacks.

    You can use React Navigation both in the web and react native.

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