[docs] expo-notifications demo don’t work on Android

If you run the Snack demo on Android the listeners don’t work, so the state never is updated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/notifications/
  2. Click on “Try this example on Snack” button
  3. Install Expo Client on your device (Android)
  4. Scan the QR Code.
  5. Tap on Press to send notification
  6. The listener onReceived must be called, but it doesn’t happen and of course the state is not updated.
  7. Tap on the notification and the onResponseReceived listener must be called but also it doesn’t work.

I think that this bug is because the useNextNotificationsApi is required in the app.json (Doc). But can you add a custom app.json in a Snack project?

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