Docs: Explain the caching mechanism of three.js

It would be very useful if somebody would create an additional documentation page that explains the different caching mechanism of three.js:

  • It should be highlighted that a caching system is an important part of a 3D library in order to reduce the overhead implied by recreating or resetting something already done. The goal is to minimize the communication between three.js and the WebGL API, because those API calls can be expensive.
  • Provide an overview what kind of entities are cached in three.js (e.g. Materials, Geometries, Textures…).
  • Explain, what the .dispose() methods do and why they are important.

In the past, i’ve seen many questions about caching and code where .dispose() is not used correctly. An additional documentation page will provide a better understanding of this important topic.

The page could be integrated in the Next Steps section.

Author: Fantashit

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