Doc are hard to read and use


I can’t fid out how to:

  • disable tooltips in the donut chart?
  • how to manage border width or to turn it off?
  • how to manage width of the overall chart (width and height values in the canvas tag are not working)?
  • how to make a rounded corners in the donut charts?

I’m using Version: 2.2.1 and yep, i read the doc, but i cant’ deal with those things.
To be onest, the previous version was a lot easier to understand.


Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Doc are hard to read and use

  1. Having some fully featured examples of working charts would be a great help. When I first started using chart.js, I often found it difficult to understand where things were supposed to go and what they were supposed to look like. For example, there are no examples containing callbacks, however, if I wanted some callbacks to alter the text on my tooltips, it would look something like:

    options = {
        tooltips: {
                callbacks: {
                    label: function (item, data) {
                        // do a thing with item or data
                            return string_for_tooltip;                    
                    beforeLabel: function (item, data) {
                        // Do a thing with item or data
                        return string_to_display_before_label;
        scales: {...}

    While it’s possible to work this out for yourself (since I have), it would be nice to have an example of things like this in the docs given that, while the information is available, it’s not always clear, especially if you’ve never used it before.

    Basically, some complex charts demonstrating features would make the docs more usable.

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