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I’m still having issue with nwjs automatically remember password. I’ve tried using all the workarounds in #5184 but still have the same issue.
autocomplete="new-password" doesn’t work

I’m using the Linux v0.22.3 SDK version. Can nwjs team please fix this?

Reproduce step:

  1. Login through a login form successfully,
  2. Go back to the login form
  3. Fill in the username and password
  4. Then delete the password
  5. nwjs/chrome now give you a list of username you can click to get to the password

spectacle tj6212

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Disable Remembering Password

  1. In addition to @menyalmog suggestion you can disable passwordSaving via
    chrome.privacy.services.passwordSavingEnabled.set({ value: false })

    You can check if it’s enabled via:
    chrome.privacy.services.passwordSavingEnabled.get({}, details => console.log(details.value))

    But it would be nice to disable this by args.

  2. this fixed this issue for me in my top index.html

        // Remove all saved vault passwords in this app and prevent future saving
        chrome.passwordsPrivate.getSavedPasswordList(function(passwords) {
          passwords.forEach((p, i) => {
        chrome.privacy.services.passwordSavingEnabled.set({ value: false });

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