directX.x loader bug

i tried loading my model in the new x-loader but it’s returning cannot read property name of null

here’s the log file:-

three.min.js:173 THREE.WebGLRenderer 88
three.min.js:145 THREE.WebGLRenderer: OES_texture_float_linear extension not supported.
get @ three.min.js:145
XLoader.js:1457 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of null
at THREE.XLoader.XAnimationObj.make (XLoader.js:1457)
at THREE.XLoader.animationFinalize_step (XLoader.js:1362)
at THREE.XLoader.animationFinalize_step (XLoader.js:1373)
at THREE.XLoader.animationFinalize (XLoader.js:1331)
at XLoader.js:206

Here’s the diectx.x model:

Author: Fantashit

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