Deprecate BinaryLoader

This was discussed before but i’d like to make a separate issue so it’s easier to track the progress. BinaryLoader is still used in three examples. However, there are already some PRs by @looeee

  • webgl_materials_cubemap#14843
  • webgl_materials_cars#14843
  • webgl_effects_parallaxbarrier#13084

There is also a dependency to BinaryLoader in examples/js/Car.js.

Looking at the PRs, i wonder if it’s not more expedient to just focus on the removal of BinaryLoader and don’t perform any Car.js related refactoring or simplification. I would see these changes in different PRs. In this way, i think we can easier make progress.

What do you guys think?

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Deprecate BinaryLoader

  1. Um, let’s start with: webgl_effects_parallaxbarrier

    I would just copy webgl_effects_anaglyph and replace AnaglyphEffect with ParallaxBarrierEffect. In this way, both effects are easier to compare…

  2. Are you suggesting that we combine these two example into one that uses the car controls and allows changing the car’s materials? If so I’ll make a combined PR, perhaps with a better car model if I can find one.

    Yes, that sounds good! In this way, there is a single example that demonstrates the Car.js related features. Besides, changing webgl_materials_cubemap_dynamic becomes easy.

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