[DefinePlugin] Be able to define globals by entry points ?

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My main goal is to create a bundle per role on my app. I discovered the DefinePlugin, and looks pretty cool but it would be better if we could define globals by entry points. This way i could have multiple entry on the same file but something like :

/* webpack config */
entry: {
    "user": "path_to_client_index",
    "admin": "path_to_client_index",

new webpack.DefinePlugin({
    entry: {
        "user" : {
            __ROLE__: "'" + "user" + "'",
        "admin" : {
            __ROLE__: "'" + "admin" + "'",

/* entry index.js */
import route from "routes/" + __ROLE__;

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “[DefinePlugin] Be able to define globals by entry points ?

  1. Is there any other way to get custom variables into individual entries? i do not wanner to create mulitiple configs, just the define plugin

  2. +1 to this. When building “multipage” isomorphic React apps where you have one clientside bundle per page, it would be handy to do it all in one configuration with entry points.

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