DEADLINE_EXCEEDED throw by callable function

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  • Android Studio version: 3.5
  • Firebase Component: Functions (Database, Firestore, Storage, Functions, etc)
  • Component version: 19.0.0

[REQUIRED] Step 3: Describe the problem

I’m getting DEADLINE_EXCEEDED exception when trying to call a function and sending a base64 payload with it.

Steps to reproduce:

Just call a function with a large enough payload and the exception will trigger.
Important to notice that the second time that I call it the function works properly. Probably the cold-start time of the function contributes to this problem.

What happened? How can we make the problem occur?
I think that the problem is on the writeTimeout of the OkHttp client. I’m not an expert of that library but it may be possible that the setTimeout function is just about the complete call and not the upload part. Here’s the reference

Relevant Code:

1 possible answer(s) on “DEADLINE_EXCEEDED throw by callable function

  1. I have the same problem as well. It happens the first time the onCall function is invoked. Sometimes It throws this exception even when the function completes successfully.