Datepicker event when value changes

Feature request:

When working with the datepicker and time picker, the format of the value is an object, however my expected model is just a string, so i want to convert said object into a proper date, and I want to combine it with the time picker as I’m selecting a date and a time. This means that i need to convert both objects into a proper string. So i want output methods on both the datepicker / timepicker that emits the selected value.

Version of Angular, ng-bootstrap, and Bootstrap:

Angular: ^4.0.0

ng-bootstrap: @ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap

Bootstrap: 4.0.0-alpha.6

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  1. I see. Well. I do not agree. With the current solution i have to bind a temporary value on my input field and do ngModelChange just to get the value to bind to my actual model. In my opinion the added value is simply that your component will be easier and more clean to work with and the documentation is easier to read. To get the value i have to turn to a complete other solution that working with the API exposed by you. Even though you end up having multiple ways of solving the same problem, it’s simply also a matter of communication and ease in what you expose. in your docs / components. This is just my opinion though. It works with ngModelChange as well.