6 thoughts on “Dartium has expired

  1. On a mac, you can use the launchctl command to set this as a system-wide environment variable:

    launchctl setenv DARTIUM_EXPIRATION_TIME 1577836800
  2. @rafikiadmin there are easy workarounds. I don’t see how this is a serious issue.

    Oh okay, so when we attract people to use Dart 1, right now. And Dartium doesn’t work when they run tests, that’s fine.

    That’s the kind of experience the Dart Team wants for newcomers.

    No that’s not the best experience for newcomers who hear about Dart 2 and want to try out the stable version of Dart. A fix should be released so that, at the very least, the first-time experience for potential users is the best it can be.

    Otherwise, we can probably forget about growing this community and drop Dart, if we can’t work to ensure the tools needed work as expected out of the box.

  3. Time limiting the browser was mandated by the Chrome team, I believe. We wanted to push folks away from running a Chrome browser that wasn’t being actively patched

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