dart run hides part of error output

Dart version: Dart SDK version: 2.12.0-237.0.dev (dev) (Unknown timestamp) on “linux_x64”
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS

dart run hides part of error information normally shown by dart pub run

I’ve a syntax error in my pubspec.yaml

When I run
dart pub run test
output is

`Deprecated. Use dart run instead

Error on line 13, column 1 of pubspec.yaml: Expected ‘:’.

13 │ dev_dependencies:
│ ^


But when I run

$ dart run test
the only output is
Expected ':'.

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  1. I’m able to reproduce when running dart test vs pub run test. I would expect that these would be consistent, but it looks like we aren’t providing as much detail in the CommandResolutionFailedException‘s message.