CSS3DRenderer.js not packaged with three.js?

I am using three.js via clojurescript using https://github.com/cljsjs/packages/tree/master/three

cljsjs is a collection of javascript libraries packaged to be easily accessible via clojurescript. However CSS3DRenderer.js is in examples directory so it is not packaged as part of three.js. Why is this? Will this change in the near future?

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “CSS3DRenderer.js not packaged with three.js?

  1. For those who might be interested, to make a build that includes CSS3DRenderer.js, follow the build instructions and add an –include css3d like below

    node build.js --include common --include css3d --include extras
  2. Thank you! that works. what is the purpose of –include css3d then?

    That’s for doing a CSS3D only build. CSS3D doesn’t support geometries so no point on including them. You want to use two renderers at once and the build system doesn’t support such case.

    Even if CSS3DRenderer is not commonly used, its only 6k uncompressed.

    I want to keep three.min.js under 100kb compressed. Not everything can go in.

    Going forward what is the best way to create a build with CSS3DRender? I would hate to maintain a fork for something so trivial

    Not sure…

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