Creating HUD over 3d Scene (WebGLRenderer) ?


does anyone know what’s the correct way to create a HUD layer (2d sprites, UI) over a 3d scene with THREE.js ? I want emulate a mouse-cursor and render some images over scene. My idea is creating an ortho-camera and using of sprites. but i don’t know how i can layer this renderings over the main rendering. On the examples i found some “postprocessing”, but i don’t think this is the way to go.


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  1. I am actually working on a HUD tool for webVR.
    It’s based on the StereoEffect.js that you can find in three.js examples.
    It renders the two part of the first scene, then the two part of the HUD scene on overlay all with StereoEffectCamera that are PerspectiveCamera.

    There is a demo with a crosshair and interaction with some elements in the scene.

    I am currently working on a “label” feature within the frustum of the HUD scene, i would appreciate any tips or any help.

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