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I generated a sample app by using the viro react CLI tool and then, after running ./ android, I tried to install this app on an emulator running API 24. The app seems to be installed correctly, but when it starts, it closes immediatly. Checking the logs with the logcat tool, it shows that an exception occurred because it couldn’t find Any help with this?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hey guys, i just came across this issue after deploying our app to android. I agree with @TheCodeDestroyer that using viro only as a part of a bigger application is a common usecase. E.g. our app consists of more than 20 screens where just a single one uses viro-ar.
    I’d like to start a full crossplatform development that requires to display both simulators for android and ios simultaneously.

    @dthian Is there any chance to make it work on the simulator for all non-viro screens? Throwing an error when the ar view opens would be ok for me.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. I’m in the same boat as oOMoeOo – In my app, A/R is just one of the many features we have. And it’s a paid feature, that’s mostly turned off. Since installing Viro, we can no longer use the Android emulator. We’re fine with not being able to use Viro features in the emulator, but we would like to use the rest of our app.

  3. @Tino-F @ddarren @oOMoeOo

    My solution is tricky but you can do:

    class DummyPackage implements ReactPackage {
        public List<NativeModule> createNativeModules(@Nonnull ReactApplicationContext reactContext) 
            return Collections.emptyList();
        public List<ViewManager> createViewManagers(@Nonnull ReactApplicationContext reactContext) 
            return Collections.emptyList();
    public class MainApplication extends Application implements ReactApplication {
            protected List<ReactPackage> getPackages() {
                List<ReactPackage> additionalPackages = Collections.emptyList();
                if (!com.myapp.Application.IsRunningOnEmulator()) {
                    additionalPackages.add(new ReactViroPackage(ReactViroPackage.ViroPlatform.AR));
                return Arrays.asList(
                        new MainReactPackage(),
                        new RCTMGLPackage(),
                        new RNFSPackage(),
                        new RNScreensPackage(),
                        new AsyncStoragePackage(),
                        new RNLocalizePackage(),
                        new RNSoundPackage(),
                        new LottiePackage(),
                        new ReactNativeConfigPackage(),
                        new VectorIconsPackage(),
                        new SplashScreenReactPackage(),
                        new KeychainPackage(),
                        new RNGestureHandlerPackage(),
                        new RNVersionInfoPackage(),
            protected String getJSMainModuleName() {
                return "index";

    package com.myapp;
    import android.os.Build;
    public class Application {
        public static boolean IsRunningOnEmulator() {
            return (Build.BRAND.startsWith("generic") && Build.DEVICE.startsWith("generic"))
                    || Build.FINGERPRINT.startsWith("generic")
                    || Build.FINGERPRINT.startsWith("unknown")
                    || Build.HARDWARE.contains("goldfish")
                    || Build.HARDWARE.contains("ranchu")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("google_sdk")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("Emulator")
                    || Build.MODEL.contains("Android SDK built for x86")
                    || Build.MANUFACTURER.contains("Genymotion")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("sdk_google")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("google_sdk")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("sdk")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("sdk_x86")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("vbox86p")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("emulator")
                    || Build.PRODUCT.contains("simulator");