Copy static assets while keeping directory structure

I have a structure like this:


With the output.file option I can output the js bundle to the correct directory (e.g. app1). But how can I output the img1.png as app1/img1.png?

One option it to use require('file!name=app/img1.png!./img1.png'), but then I have to specify the loader manually each time. I’d like to specify this in config, i.e.

{ test: /([a-z0-9]+)\/([a-z0-9]+\.png)$/, loader: "url-loader?name=$1/$2 },

Now the image filename gets hashed and outputted at root.

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2 thoughts on “Copy static assets while keeping directory structure

  1. i. e. file?name=[path][name].[ext]&context=/the/root/path

    This copies the file /the/root/path/dir/file.png to /output-directory/dir/file.png.

    But I recommend to use file?name=[path][name].[ext]?[hash]&context=/the/root/path which also adds a hash to the url (not visible on filesystem) for better cacheablitity…

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