Config specific imports don’t work with analyzer/ddc

I have been working on a prototype to support config specific imports properly in package:build, and I have gotten something to work, but during compilation I get errors like this:

Error compiling dartdevc module:_test|web/main.ddc.js

[error] Target of URI doesn't exist: 'default.dart'. (/web/main.dart, line 7, col 8)
[error] Target of URI doesn't exist: 'ui.dart'. (/web/main.dart, line 8, col 26)
[error] Target of URI doesn't exist: 'io.dart'. (/web/main.dart, line 9, col 26)

Please fix all errors before compiling (warnings are okay).

my imports look like this:

import 'default.dart'
    if (dart.library.ui) 'ui.dart'
    if ( 'io.dart'
    if (dart.library.html) 'web.dart';

Note that you don’t see the error about web.dart, because I did in fact provide that one (because I knew it was the only one that would actually be loaded).

I can work around the issue with // ignore: URI_DOES_NOT_EXIST comments (although I need one for every single condition…), but that shouldn’t be necessary :).

It looks like this error is probably coming from the analyzer, but I am unsure if I should assign it to the dev_compiler or analyzer areas – assigning to analyzer for now but please switch if you feel that is incorrect.

Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Config specific imports don’t work with analyzer/ddc

  1. That should just work with the current specification: Section ‘URIs’ specifies how to select one of the choices in a configurable import, and this does not involve any actions for the non-chosen ones (like checking whether there is such a library). On top of that, the interpretation of a URI is mainly implementation specified.

  2. Thanks for weighing in!

    OK, glad to have that clarified and I was thinking from a non-realistic point.

    This definitely makes the correct solution here for the analyzer to not report missing URI on default.dart, and that’s what we’ll do once we get to this.

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