componentDidAppear not invoked when using setRoot on Android

🐛 Bug Report

componentDidAppear is not being triggered when the view is presented using Navigation.setRoot. This does not happen when the view is presented using Navigation.push, only with Navigation.setRoot.

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To Reproduce

Either clone my repo and see index.js, or just add componentDidAppear method in any view presented using Navigation.setRoot

Expected behavior

I would expect componentDidAppear to be triggered regardless the way is presented

Actual Behavior

componentDidAppear not being invoked, yetcomponentDidDisappear seems to work.

Your Environment

  • React Native Navigation version: 7.11.3
  • React Native version: 0.64.0
  • Platform(s) (iOS, Android, or both?): Android
  • Device info (Simulator/Device? OS version? Debug/Release?): Andriod Simulator using Pixel 4XL/Android 11.0

Reproducible Demo

1 possible answer(s) on “componentDidAppear not invoked when using setRoot on Android

  1. It seems that if i use waitForRender set to true as the default option the event works as expected. Using this prop as part of the component options does not seem to work.

    // this works
      animations: {
        setRoot: {
          waitForRender: true
    // this does NOT work
    const loginRoot = {
      root: {
        component: {
          name: 'Login',
          waitForRender: true,