Compile stuck at optimize chunk assets

I’ve started having problems to compile my build when --optimize-minimize is enabled.
I see that I’ve reached +/-205 build modules, and then the compilation gets stuck at 80%% optimize chunk assets for a very long time (+40minutes).
If I wait enough, it ends up node failing with “fatal error: js allocation failed – process out of memory”

I guess it has to do with the uglifyjs plugin as I said this only happens when using --optimize-minime flag (When compiling through my grunt task, this also fails).

Author: Fantashit

4 thoughts on “Compile stuck at optimize chunk assets

  1. Regarding the original issue:

    new UglifyJsPlugin({
      sourceMap: false

    instead of --optimize-minimize or -p should help…

  2. Have the same issue here, without UglifyJsPlugin.
    Do you have any idea when can this be fixed?

    anyway. Thanks for the webpack! incredible pice of art.

  3. @sokra Could you comment on why you closed this? Has a fix from uglify been pulled in to fix the problem with already-compiled files?

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