Codepush bundle is downloaded and installed but old bundle is still loaded [iOS]

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Steps to Reproduce

  1. Released a QA build through TestFlight for iOS and TestFairy for Android
  2. Released a codepush update targeting that specific version of the app to both platforms (Android and iOS). The update is just a UI change.
  3. Update is downloaded and installed on both platforms, but the new bundle is only loaded on Android. On iOS, the old bundle is still loaded (even though I can see on AppCenter that the update was successfully downloaded and installed and also can see that on some event tracking we’re doing through mixpanel, so technically the update seems to be downloaded and installed without issues)

Expected Behavior

What you expected to happen?
I’d expect for the iOS app to load the downloaded and installed codepush update instead of the old one.


  • react-native-code-push version: 5.5.3
  • react-native version: 0.59.9
  • iOS/Android/Windows version: iOS 12.3.1
  • Does this reproduce on a debug build or release build? Release
  • Does this reproduce on a simulator, or only on a physical device? Physical device

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1 possible answer(s) on “Codepush bundle is downloaded and installed but old bundle is still loaded [iOS]

  1. We have almost the same issue on both platforms. Trying to get updates with codepush.sync() method.

    What we did

    1. Call the codepush.sync() a few components deeper from our app root.
    2. It is a simple FC with a useEffect where we check for available updates.
    3. After the app is just started it behave as expected – a new update is installed successfully. Changes made in this update were all there.
    4. After the app restarts it suddenly launches with an initial js bundle.
    5. codePush.checkForUpdate() method returns a previous update object again (instead of null) with failedInstall: true.

    @dmydry how you solve this issue? because i’m getting same issue in ios

    app is updated in automatic mode. but in manually app update is not working