Clarify jQuery 4 plans lists 46 open issues left for version 4 and 19 closed. On the roadmap at there was a minor edit this March and before that last edits in September 2018. Based on the activity on the version 4 issues, it is very hard to tell what is the estimated version 4 release date (if it is even still a goal to release version 4).

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  1. Not interested in features, but rather timelines/risks 🙂

    I am one of the core committers to Drupal, which relies on jQuery and jQuery UI. With jQuery UI being in Emeritus (end of life) status, it puts us into a hard place once/if jQuery 4 comes out if jQuery 3 support is stopped, because that would mean that we are using an end of life JS library based on an unsupported version of another library. So knowing what is planned with jQuery 4 could help us support decisions we need to take one way or another.

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