Clarification on Docs vs Wiki (vs forum?)

Continuation of the discussion here which is a bit stale at this point: #5410

The docs currently have 4 sections

  • Manual
    • This has two pages at present, a very useful “Creating a scene” page and a kind of orphaned looking page on matrix transformations
  • Reference
    • This still needs some expansion in places, but should now be a complete API reference (as of r83). (ping me if you find mistakes, of which I’m sure there are more a few!)
  • Examples
    • This is very incomplete
  • Developer Reference
    • Also very incomplete

The Wiki is a bit of a mess at the moment but has

  • TODO (things to be developed in Three)
  • JSON reference
  • link to migration guide
  • code style guide
  • FAQ section which largely link to github issues
  • various manual type articles
  • “On the Net” section with links to all kind of Three related info across the net (some broken and some out of date)

@mrdoob you mentioned here #10342 that you’d like the JSON reference to stay in the Wiki (although you also said in #5410 that everything should go in the docs :p )

I have two suggestions:

  1. Everything goes in the docs. Get rid of the Wiki

  2. Split like so:

  • Docs: Everything related to using Three
  • Wiki: Everything related to developing Three

Obviously there would be some crossover in 2. but in ambiguous cases the docs should be preferred.

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1 thought on “Clarification on Docs vs Wiki (vs forum?)

  1. Great, me too 🙂

    So the first tasks would look like this:

    1. Move Developer Reference pages to Wiki
    2. Move manual type pages from Wiki to doc’s Manual section
    3. Create Useful Links page in doc’s Manual section, check links in Wiki to see if they are still relevant and move them there
    4. Move (or perhaps duplicate) Code Style guide to doc’s Manual section
    5. Move migration guide from Wiki to docs
    6. Create FAQ page in doc’s Manual section, move relevant questions there. Some FAQs in the wiki are related to development, they can be moved to a new page there

    @mrdoob (or anyone else) thoughts?

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