Circular radar chart with labels


Not really an issue but more of a little new feature: I needed to have a circular radar chart but with labels outside the chart like the regular radar chart (see the result below), and I couldn’t find a way to do this with the available options.

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Expected result

After taking a look into the code I figured that it couldn’t be done when the parameter scale.lineArc is true… this being the parameter that sets the chart circular 🙁

To fix this I added a new boolean parameter so I can pass the condition when scale.lineArc is true, scale.lineArcWithLabels, and changed a bit the code in LinearRadialScale.draw by replacing:

if (!opts.lineArc) {


if (!opts.lineArc || opts.lineArcWithLabels) {

It was enough for me, there is maybe a cleaner way to do this but I didn’t dive much more than that into the code. Just suggesting a new feature here since I needed it!

Author: Fantashit

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  1. For people who want to switch from straight gridlines in the radar chart to circular ones:

    options: {               
                    scale: {                    
                         gridLines: {
                            circular: true

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