Charts API docs missing 2.8.0-rc1

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Some methods of Chart are not documented

Checking the doc of version 2.8.0-rc1, I have seen that some methods are not documented.

The methods are:

  1. isDatasetVisible(index)
  2. getVisibleDatasetCount()

Furthermore, I don’t see into dataset properties of charts the property hidden that can be set the dataset since beginning

Author: Fantashit

1 thought on “Charts API docs missing 2.8.0-rc1

  1. These docs issues exist since a long time and hasn’t been introduced in 2.8.0, so it can wait until 2.8.1, but I really appreciate your help testing 2.8.0-rc.1, thanks 🙂

    getVisibleDatasetCount() isn’t explicitly private because I guess this method existed before we started using the _ prefix for private members. We didn’t want to break existing projects so we didn’t change it. But what I mean is that this method should not have been part of the public API and so should not be documented / promoted. We should at least add the @private header comment on it.

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