Chart options are not updated by .update()

Expected Behavior

When changing chart options of the yAxis, like scaleLabel.fontColor and ticks.fontColor, a call to .update() will draw the chart with updated label and tick colors.

Current Behavior

.update() will update the graph color (which is defined within data) but not ticks or labels (which are in the options dataset). Only reloading the whole site and building the chart from scratch it uses the new values.
As you can see in the screenshot, the graph and fill have been updated to blue, but the temperature label on the left yAxis is still orange (the original value).

localhost-8100- 2


Author: Fantashit

2 thoughts on “Chart options are not updated by .update()

  1. @etimberg is there any way to pass the same options object to update function as we r passing to constructor. As far as I see, this feature enables doted changes to options. But what if I have a lot of small changes to options that I need to perform. Does it make sense to collect them to single options object and feed this object to update? Is it possible to implement?

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