Chart.js – yAxisID property

I’ve been working with Chart.JS all day trying to draw a simple line graph with 2 datasets. (Multi-Y-axes style.)

After a lot of suffering, I’ve figured out that the problem is with the yAxisID. If I delete that I can display the data, both of them, but they are on the same scale so it looks like crap. Anyone here had similarly terribel experience and has maybe solutions to this issue?

Console throws multiple instances of errors regarding to “top” and “skip” properties from Chart.js.

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  1. Mystery solved, thank you anyway. My friend pointed out that the “options” object was inside the “data” object, whereas it should be its sibling. I’ve looked at the code at many places, and I’ve copied the code from many places, but still, I couldn’t figure this out for myself somehow 🙁 Funny thing is that the error was triggered by the yAxisID property, where in fact it was not caused by it, maybe that is something to consider for developers of Chart.JS. Blessings all

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