2 thoughts on “cascading await

  1. I don’t see this syntax happening. I’d put my money on #25986 instead, introducing a suffix form of await, so you could write, e.g.,


    (or whatever syntax would be used for that).

    The problem with allowing prefix operators to be used infix is that it’s not clear how they bind.
    If you write testDriver..await foo().bar(), are you awaiting foo() or foo().bar().
    How about a..await b[42] or a..await b.foo()[42].

    So, probably won’t happen as this.

  2. +1, just made a mistake today:

    final auth = await context.read<AuthStore>()..login();

    this wouldn’t work because I need to await login, not a read method
    the only way is

    final auth = context.read<AuthStore>();
    await auth.login()

    The desirable syntax is final auth = context.read<AuthStore>()..await login();… Things like login().await are counter-intuitive IMO.

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