Cant Download Zip Files on iOS

Bug description:
Not able to download zip and other file formats on iOS .

To Reproduce:

Expected behavior:
When I click the download link, the download should start. The download starts on Android but on iOS the webview tries to open the zio file and shows the encoded data instead. When I tried this on safari, I was able to download the file and save it on the iPad.

Upon clicking the download link I am getting this.


  • OS: iOS
  • OS version: > 12.0
  • react-native version: > 0.61
  • react-native-webview version: latest

1 thought on “Cant Download Zip Files on iOS

  1. @Krypternite

    Good news! My teammate @trcoffman cracked the code on this with a fresh look. We will be dropping a PR to support downloads on iOS. There will be an option to pass in an onDownload prop that, if provided, will cancel trying to navigate to the download and call the callback with the URL for you to handle.

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